Temporary Tattoos Could be Here to Stay


Temporary tattoos seem to be making somewhat of a comeback, they are not just party favors for children’s birthdays anymore, they are a little more… sophisticated?

One day I was scrolling through Instagram, where I follow several tattoo shops and artists and I came across a sponsored post advertising temporary tattoos. After seeing this post, I decided to do some more research.

I came across this blog post, that then lead me to this Etsyshop that sells temporary tattoos that couples can make personalized, they had individual ones, but sadly they are sold out (I guess being single is very common).

I also came across Momentary Ink, another website that sells temporary tattoos. Honestly it was very tempting to order something from this site, the tattoos come in a variety of style and are meant to look real. The concept seems great for someone who wants a tattoo for a special occasion, maybe for aesthetic posts on Instagram, or to even test out what a tattoo would look like, without the hassle of getting a tattoo and then finding out it’s not for you. Which is something I personally would be into. Momentary ink also offers a feature where you can create your owntattoo design. One thing that stands out from this company compared to other temporary tattoo companies is their “Real Teal solution”. The solution claims to be some sort of oil to apply after applying the tattoo that will prohibit the ink from being glossy and peeling away. However, the website is very vague on what this stuff actually is, they are just really insistent that it is the latest technology.

There seem to be plenty of sellers and companies that sell these temporary tattoos, but I am still left wonder (as I am sure you are too) are they really worth the money? Do they stay vibrant on the skin? And are they friendly for those with sensitive skin?

Overall, the consensus is that temporary tattoos are friendly to the skin, because of course they have to be okayed by the FDA. As far as money is concerned, many online reviews seem to rave the most about Momentary Ink and their tattoos. They last long and even for some customers; many people could not even tell they were fake! Of course, thinking long term, the best bang for your buck would be a real tattoo!!

Personally, speaking I would totally look into getting one of these temporary tattoos as a way of testing out potential permanent tattoos’ style, placement etc. I would love to know what you guys think about them or any experiences you have had with temporary tattoos, feel free to comment below!