Tattoos at Towson

The Tattoo Arts Convention came to Baltimore once again this past weekend. The convention was hosted at the Convention Center located near Camden Yards The convention is hosted by Villain Arts Organization.

The convention hosted many artists and vendors from all around the country, including many artists local to the Baltimore area. Artists there held many flash deals in order to get a lot of customers and maximize getting their art out there. It is essentially a huge tattoo party. This skull tattoo was a flash piece done at the convention.


In honor of the convention,  I decided to take a look at the tattoos that people in the Towson University community have and why they have them, specifically memorial tattoos.

pri tat

Priyanka, a junior at Towson explains that her tattoo represents a mixture of all the things that are most important to her. “The two feathers are symbolic for my parents because without them my life is incomplete.”

Taylor, a sophmore described the reasoning for getting her tattoo, which is pictured below. “This tattoo is for my sister. She has always been my inspiration. She uses her past as motivation for her future. She always is doing so much to help others and help women in abusive relationships. She’s my hero.”


Trish, a junior at Towson explained that her tattoos are mostly memorial pieces to her brother and family. “I had a a brother named robert that passed away when I was about 3 years old so my dad used to tell my other siblings and I that the airplanes flying over my house were Robert saying goodnight to us. This was just something that stuck with me and still to this day makes me smile.”








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  1. This is a very good start — and the direction I was hoping your entire project would go in. Unfortunately, this is only about half the minimum word count, so the best I can give you is 1 pt.
    Portfolio: 0/5 no link from Tigerweb home page


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