Tattoos and Copyright Laws


Tattoos are something you get for a variety of reasons, whether it be for the love of art or a way to memorialize a loved one. Tattoos, for the most part, involve a lot of planning to create a piece you will be happy with for a very long time. Many people work at length with their artist to come up with a well crafted design that pleases the person getting inked and something practical that the artist can actually execute.


Recently, tattoo artist Catherine Alexander filed a lawsuit against WWE star Randy Orton and 2k Games for using her designs without her consent.

As it stands right now there are no actual copyright laws in place for tattoos that are original works.

With all that goes into a tattoo for the artist and the fact that it is being represented on someone else’s body, an issue of who owns the tattoo design comes into play.Since tattoos are art they are subject to copyright protections even if it’s on your body you may not necessarily own the tattoo.

Posting you new tattoo all over the internet is okay but you have to ensure that others know the protocol and won’t take your design. Most all artists know the unspoken rule not to take another artist’s work and reuse it on another person. If you gp into a shop wanting an already created piece your artist will more than likely tweak the piece and make it original while still giving you the concept you want.


In addition to original work being subject to copyright laws, cartoon characters, other art, logos and so on may also be subject to copyright law infringements, especially since the artist is making a profit from doing the piece. If the artist or the person getting the tattoo did not get explicit permission to use the character or logo they could be seen as stealing the work from another artist.

I would love to hear what you guys think about original works and copyright laws! Or I would love to see pictures of your original works! (I promise I won’t take them for myself!)


One thought on “Tattoos and Copyright Laws”

  1. Very interesting topic, but this is only a little over half the MINIMUM word count of 500.
    There are also several errors throughout, such as these:
    “Posting you new tattoo”
    “If you gp into a shop”

    1 pt


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